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NIE number
This document is an identification number for foreign citizens and required to purchase a property in Spain.
It’s also necessary if you wish to purchase a car, boat, open a bank account etc… we can arrange all the formalities and will keep you informed.

Mortgage consultation
Should you require a mortgage to purchase your next home in Mallorca, we can offer advice and introduce you to our preferred independent mortgage broker.

Architect services
If you are buying land or require plans and/or planning permission, we are here to help, working alongside our in house partner Pedro Bestard – Arquitecto

Opening a bank account
If you are opening a bank account and require assistance with translating or any of the process involved, we can help.
We work very closely with a number of popular high street banks

Residency certificate
European citizens who are residing in Spain require a resident’s card and you will need this document if you reside in Spain for more than 90 days.

Social security number
The Spanish social security system lets you pay your contributions every month, this inturn entitles you to a state pension, unemployment benefit, maternity pay and the right to receive free healthcare.
The amount of pension or benefit you receive depends on the level of contributions you pay in over a given period of time.
You must obtain this number in order to work in Spain and also to apply for your health care card.

Passport administration
Assistance with the paperwork when applying for first time or a replacement passport.

For further information
Please call (+34) 97 1234 123 or CONTACT US for more details.