After many years talking with people who have relocated to Mallorca we have found that most make the move without doing the necessary research and end up with problems that could have been avoided.

With this in mind, we have introduced a relocation service, this service is designed to help you make your move to a new life with the peace of mind to know there is someone on hand to help with any problems should they occur.

Our relocation service offers advice from the beginning of your relocation and continues on after your move.

We will find a location suitable to you and your families needs and help arrange visits to the areas that you feel may interest you, we will also find exactly the home you are looking for, whether you want to rent or buy, we advise on schools both private and Spanish state run, help with paperwork including insurances, car registration, car hire, translations, Spanish lessons and health care.

Our services also includes conveyancing, NIE registration, residencias, mortgages, Spanish taxes, wills, power of attorney, medical cards and inheritance taxes.

To find out more about our relocation services just call (+34) 97 1234 123 or Contact us for more details

Starting a Business ?

If you are looking to buy or start a business in Mallorca, we can help!

Don’t  do what many people do and think that you can just start  a business in Mallorca with out finding out the local laws, tax implications and right location.

Many people have bought a business without checking that it has all the relevant paperwork in order and often find  that their hard earned  money has been lost because there is not a proper opening license or that the existing license can not be transferred unless more money is spent bringing the premises in line with new regulations.

Buyers have paid tens of thousands of Euros on Traspaso (leases) that don’t exist, don’t let this happen to you.

We offer an advisory service that will alleviate any concerns you may have.

Just call (+34) 97 1234 123 or CONTACT US for more details