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Looking for a rental property but don’t want to pay high agency fees?

The cost of moving into a rental property can sometimes be financially overwhelming as its the Tenant that pays any agency fees here in Mallorca with typical agents asking upto 3 months advance rent, 2 months security deposit and then another 1.8 months agency fee plus 21% IVA.

We understand the costs of financing the initial rental property, so with that in mind only charge 1.2 months agency fee plus IVA, this fee also covers drawing up the rental agreement and any administration required plus we are there to assist whilst you are a Tenant.
Normally the local government taxes are paid by the owner, your only extra costs are electricity and water usage including any standing charges.
Should you require WiFi and a telephone line, this is at the Tenants expense unless otherwise stated.

We are constantly acquiring new rental properties, if you don’t find anything suitable in our PROPERTY SEARCH please call (+34) 97 1234 123 or CONTACT US

All our rental agreements are according to the Spanish rental law (LAU) and are also translated into your desired language.